Three types of materials functionality are investigated: Themochromics, Electrochromics, Electroactive materials



  • Growth and characterization of pure and doped vanadium dioxide coatings using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  • One-pot direct hydrothermal growth of vanadium dioxide powders or coatings to alter the transition temperature via the control of their morphological characteristics (size and shape).
  • Flexible and rigid thermochromic layers with high transmittance contrast, low transition temperature and enhanced durability.



  • Growth and characterization of metal oxide coatings using Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition.
  • Growth of porous metal oxide nanostructures using one-pot direct hydrothermal and electrochemical deposition to suit both the plastic and glass coating industry.
  • Construction of devices with low cost, high durability and practical sizes using the combination of all techniques.


Electroactive materials

  • Growth of vanadate compounds with one-pot direct hydrothermal growth at micro- and nanoscale.  
  • Study the chemistry behind the design of these compounds and understand the fundamental physics of their electrochemical properties so that they can be used in electronics as capacitors, batteries etc.



Center of Materials Technology and Photonics (CEMATEP) is a joint laboratory of the departments of the School of Applied Technology of the Technological Educational Institute of Crete (TEI Crete), established in 2003. Its activities are dedicated to the growth, study and application of novel materials and photonics.

Research activities

The research efforts in CEMATEP are focused on the exploitation of advanced thin films, nanostructures and nanocomposites suitable for applications like solar cells, chromic layers for solar control coatings, optoelectronics, photodetectors and organic electronics. CEMATEP is well equipped with state of the art facilities and its members have important scientific outcome as well as excellent national and international collaborations.